Court Information Specialist

This is a CUPE LOCAL 50 position
Pay Grade 10, $35.48/hour
Monday through Sunday, day shift rotation, 11-hour shifts


Date of Issue: May 12, 2022

Closing Date: May 24, 2022

Competition Number:                      P09-22

Position Title:                                     Court Information Specialist

Number of Positions:                       One

Duration:                                            Regular full-time

Work Schedule:                                 Monday through Sunday, dayshift rotation, 11-hour shifts

ALL SUBMISSIONS MUST be received by 4:30 p.m. on the above closing date and must be complete, including all qualifications and experience relevant to this position.  Please quote the competition number on your submission.

To apply please forward your submission electronically to:

Department / Division / Section:

  • Police / Information Management / Records

Position Function:

  • Responsible for the coordination of daily operations and service delivery as it relates to the maintenance and submission of fingerprints and criminal records, reports to Crown Counsel and court documents. Evaluates and develops business processes and procedures related to the court duties within the Records Section.  Conducts training and provides guidance and mentorship to internal/external staff on best practises in extraction, disclosure and disposition tracking of criminal code files to ensure legislated requirements and timelines are met and adhered to.

Key Duties:

  • Acts as the department representation on court related working groups and committees to establish best practises and standards in the extraction, disclosure and disposition of criminal cases. Researches best practises and presents proposals on modifications to business practises and procedures to improve efficiencies within the court position.
  • Prepare for emerging trends and changes such as Supreme Court decisions to ensure business practises, procedures and policies are changed or advanced to ensure compliance. Research and consults with internal and external clients and partners to obtain information in areas such as investigations, court processes and disclosure of material.
  • Assist investigators with the preparation of electronic disclosure of materials to Crown Counsel by identifying various types of documents in order to classify records according to Business Rules; convert investigative digital media and police data into electronic formats; redact information from police files as required through the Memorandum of Understanding between Police and Crown Counsel.
  • Extract relevant information from operational investigative file(s) to create disclosure reports in an organized, indexed and searchable format and in accordance with legislated timelines. Based on legal requirements and through the application of standardized vetting codes, determines and categorizes information that will be exempt from disclosure or be the subject of delayed disclosure.
  • Review electronic data submissions to the Provincial Justice System for errors and failures including evidence text pages, criminal record, outstanding charges and grounds for detention; perform follow ups with investigative officers to ensure timely completion of court files and outstanding documentation is submitted to ensure successful prosecution is not compromised; create and maintain a diary date system for Crown Counsel submissions and requests to ensure legislated timelines are met; generate and extract electronic submissions of data from the police records management system to the provincial justice system for judicial charge approval; liaise with court registry, crown counsel, corrections, law offices, police agencies, internal staff and probation offices regarding all criminal court and disposition matters.
  • Deal with urgent timelines in processing in custody and bail hearing court documentation for immediate court appearances/hearings.
  • Calculate start and end dates for Jail sentences, Probation, Prohibitions and Conditional Sentence Orders for entry onto CPIC; select information for entry by the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) system operator and run criminal record checks as required; use Provincial Justice System for court enquiries to track charges and waived charges from the Victoria court jurisdiction.
  • Merge Known Offender Records within the Records Management system as required to successfully submit a Report to Crown Counsel to the Provincial Justice System; liaise with internal and external customers in relation to notification and follow up of Known Offender records that are noted to be duplicates or to further obtain information as to whether a merge of the names can occur. Review and authorize the unlocking of mug shots photos so they can be utilized in investigative photo line-ups based on current legislation and supreme court hearings.
  • Maintain the integrity of criminal records information, including fingerprint and disposition verifications; review and update the RMS and booking system with fingerprint information for persons fingerprinted under the Identifications of Criminals Act; conduct detailed research and analysis in matching Known Offender fingerprints. Perform queries and inquiries to confirm information on the criminal justice system.
  • Retrieve, analyse and interpret sentencing information for all criminal offences. Extract, validate and enter dispositions including appeal information into the RMS and CJIM systems to update the real time criminal records database within the National CPIC system.  Provide hard copy disposition records, follow-ups and updates to internal staff, local and national partner agencies for the concluding of police files and sealing of records as legislated under the Youth Criminal Justice Act and Criminal Records Act.
  • In partnership with IT, identify, assess and resolve technical and operational issues associated to the transfer of electronic data to and from the PRIME, JUSTIN, CJIM, CORNET and IBOOK systems.
  • Develops and maintains training manuals, standard operating procedures and reference documents.
  • Perform related duties where qualified.


  • Work is generated by operational demand and is performed according to established policies, procedures, directives, case law and the Memorandum of Understanding between Police and The BC Prosecution Service.
  • Issues such as changes or deviations from policy and established procedure are solved by the employee, or discussed with the supervisor with recommendations.
  • Work with minimal supervision.
  • High accuracy required due to disclosure and sentencing information being released without being internally reviewed.

Working Conditions:

Physical Effort:

  • Sit with arms unsupported while keyboarding. (frequent)
  • Work from ladders while filing. (frequent)

Mental Effort:

  • Exposure to disturbing material. (often)
  • Deal with constant interruptions. (often)
  • Long periods of intense concentration while creating disclosure documents and court disposition entries. (often)
  • Meet multiple court deadlines. (frequent)

Visual/Auditory Effort:

  • Focus on a variety of source data and VDT for long periods. (frequent)

Work Environment:

  • Office

Key Skills and Abilities:

  • Advanced knowledge of the MOU concerning the disclosure of information between Police and Crown Counsel, as well as Provincial Disclosure Standard methodologies
  • Sound knowledge of practices and procedures associated to the Provincial Report Writing standards
  • Sound working knowledge of case laws associated to disclosure requirements
  • Ability to write proposals, training materials and standard operating procedures
  • Ability to problem-solve, apply critical thinking skills and make sound decisions and recommendations
  • Ability to deal with urgent and stressful situations
  • Communicate effectively verbally and in writing
  • Exceptional organizational and time management skills and ability to perform duties with a high degree of accuracy to ensure urgent timelines are met on a daily basis
  • Proficient in Adobe Acrobat Pro and current technology to support disclosure requirements
  • Demonstrated ability in using Microsoft Office with focus on MS Outlook, Word and Excel
  • Ability to understand the national vetting codes and the concepts of privilege and relevancy
  • Type 60 wpm
  • Maintain accurate records
  • Establish and maintain effective working relationships
  • Ability to work both independently and in a team setting
  • Operate a variety of office equipment
  • Deal effectively with the public and outside agencies


Formal Education, Training and Occupational Certification:

  • High school graduation.
  • 1 year related post-secondary education.
  • Online Canadian Police Knowledge Network (CPKN) Disclosure course.
  • CORNET train the trainer course offered by the Justice Institute of BC.
  • Online Canadian Police Knowledge Network (CPKN) CJIM course.
  • Adobe Acrobat Level 1.


  • 2 years of related Police experience or an equivalent combination of education and experience.


  • May be requested to substitute in a more senior position.
  • Required to obtain and maintain security and criminal record clearance.
  • Required to sign attestation of confidentiality.

Job Description:  4048