Auxiliary Records Specialist

This is a CUPE LOCAL 50 position
$28.05 (As of January 2016)
This is an on-call position that works up to 11 hour shifts including nights and weekends.

To apply please forward your submission electronically to:

Department/Division/Section: Police/Information Management/Records

Position Function: Perform data entry, transcription, imaging, process and maintain documents and files for the Records Section.

Key Duties:

  • Enter, update, modify, delete and import data and images into the Police Records Management System and legacy record management and computer aided dispatch systems; collect required documentation; transcribe, quality check copy and upload Police reports into the Police Records Management System. Review and correct Canadian Centre Justice Statistics (CCJS) for each transcribed report; route investigative reports to the appropriate sections for quality and investigative review. Assist in the preparation of court and telebail documentation for submission to Crown Counsel. Review Justin and RMS to confirm status of charges for form 11.1 undertakings. Forward to CPIC for modification or removal.
  • Provide information on all operations and processes of the Records Section including police reports information and CPIC. Review, research and confirm all warrant requests. Route court and CPIC documentation, memos and reports for Court and CPIC Specialists; provide disposition information to Property and Supply for destruction of seized exhibits. Download police investigative photographs and videos for submission as property exhibit for court analysis.
  • Query, add, remove and confirm CPIC Records. Process finger prints; perform data updates and retrieve charge information in the court module of Prime; update Known Offender records; conduct detailed research and analysis in matching known offender fingerprints. Perform queries and inquiries to confirm information on the criminal justice system (JUSTIN).
  • Initiate police reports for Breach of Probation files, and Assistance to files; process, print and distribute investigative reports. Create a variety of reports such as outside agency reports and diary dates reports; Query FPS # and attach criminal records.
  • Respond to enquiries from the public, Victim Services, Communications and police employees for requests for file retrieval and information. Compose routine correspondence.
  • Perform related clerical functions such as photocopying, sort and sending faxes and documents, picking-up and distributing the mail.
  • Update and maintain procedure manual.
  • Perform related duties where qualified.


  • Work is generated through occurrence files or performed according to established routine.
  • Work is reviewed periodically through audits by supervisor.
  • Problems are referred to supervisor.

Physical Effort:

  • Sit with arms unsupported while keyboarding. (frequent)
  • Lift and carry medium weight stacks of files. (rare)
  • Work from ladders while filing. (occasional)

Mental Effort:

  • Normal.
  • Exposure to disturbing material. (often)
  • Ability to remain focused during constant interruptions. (frequent)

Visual/Auditory Effort:

  • Focus on a variety of source data and VDT for short periods. (frequent)

Work Environment:

  • Office.
  • This is a shift position.
  • Exposure to dust and dirt while archiving.

Key Skills and Abilities:

  • Organize and prioritise work.
  • Understand and apply the techniques of Records management.
  • Type 60 wpm; working knowledge of Police Department computer systems, operate a variety of office equipment.
  • Deal with the public and outside agencies.
  • Maintain accurate records.
  • Establish and maintain effective working relationships.


Formal Education, Training and Occupational Certification:

  • High school graduation.
  • Criminology course. (1 year)
  • Required to obtain security and criminal record clearance.
  • Required to sign attestation of confidentiality.


  • 1 year of related Police experience or an equivalent combination of education and experience.


  • May be requested to substitute in a more senior position.
  • Required to work alone during night shift.

Job Description: 4031